Jonatha Brooke Master Classes are finally here!

My online Master Classes in songwriting are finally here! Classes 1, 3 and the 5 class bundle are SOLD OUT! You can email the office at: pra@prarecords.com to be put on the waiting list for next time. NEW: We've just added a second Class #2 on June 7.

I’m so excited to be able to reach those of you that haven’t been able to join me in person in my various workshops around the world.
I’ve created five different classes in all:

Beginning Saturday, May 30, at noon CDT, and continuing each Saturday after that for five weeks, I will cover all the elements that have informed my songwriting process.
These will be 90 minute ZOOM sessions. And I am limiting enrollment to make sure we can interact. 

Master Class 1: SOLD OUT! We’ll focus on lyrics, storytelling, hooks, words. I’ll break down a song like “Because I Told You So” to demonstrate my process.

Master Class 2: Second class added JUNE 7! We’ll focus on melody, and the power of the music when it amplifies the emotion behind your words. We'll explore a song like “Inconsolable” as an example of the process. 

Master Class 3: SOLD OUT! We’ll focus on harmony, structure, groove. How we accompany our songs to make them soar. We'll talk about a song like “Charming” and how it evolved.

Master Class 4: All about the guitar. We’ll get into tunings, alternate approaches, all the ways you can make your guitar parts as unique as you and your songs.

Master Class 5: Putting it all together. We’ll get into performance. What you need to know before you go on stage, before you go in to the studio. 

Five Class Bundle: SOLD OUT! Join me for all five classes and receive a 20% discount.

I’m so excited to finally be able to share my classes on line. I hope you will join me.
You can participate a la carte, depending upon your interests, or you can sign up for the whole course and receive a 20% discount.
Go to: jonathabrooke.com/store for more details about each class.
Once you sign up, I will be in touch with more for you to think about before we gather. Make sure you include a current email, so that I can reach you once you register.
Thank you so much,





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