February 2005
February 2005 Journal

February 2005 Journal...

I'm finally in the UK to take "Back in the Circus" abroad. The gigs will be interesting and varied. Last week I played the tiniest pub basement called "Betsy Trotwood." But I had a ball and people came from far and wide. The night before I was in a lovely place called the Bedford, sharing the night with some wonderful local artists. Then at 2am did a radio show on the BBC until 4. Raucous good fun. Thank you all who tuned in, and also those who traveled! (Mitt Gamon from Cornwall gets the prize).

We haven't been able to release a record in the UK since "Plumb" so I'm basically a brand new artist here. Very exciting. ("Jonathan who? Oh yeah, I've heard of him"). I'm really having a great time. A new kid on the block. But who is Betsey Trotwood anyway?

We're also plugging away at the DVD project. Thanks to all of you who have contributed! We have a long way to go but every contribution is appreciated.

I'm working on new songs, co-writing with some writers in Nashville with other artists in mind. I've really had a blast putting my mind in a little different frame and collaborating with some country rockers! LOVED writing with Terri Clark ("Girls Lie Too") and Connie Harrington (co-wrote "Girls Lie Too" and has also co-written lots of SHeDAISY songs). Also had a ball writing with Kristyn from SHeDAISY, and Blair Daley who wrote a beautiful song called "Paris" that will be on the new Faith Hill record.

But I'm also working on Jonatha songs for my next record. Ideally I'd like to be working on a new record over the summer and fall and release it early next year. Of course the muse and the Bad Dog Bank Account have to be willing.

Finally, before I left for London, they unveiled the Christo exhibit in Central Park. I got up really early to be there when they started letting the fabric down. It was frustrating at first because it went so slowly, everyone on the Christo teams wanted to have their own chance for a photo (quite understandable). But by noon it was incredible. All the gates were unfurled, the park was full of people, like Christmas morning, it was a huge gift for the city. And each person had their own sort of processional thrill walking through the gates. Princes and princesses all. The energy was contagious. The light was exquisite. I was so happy I was there. It really was thrilling.

So cheers to all. Hope to see all the UK supporters over here at some point. We do plan to come back and try to visit the rest of the country later this spring. So if you're unable to get to London, we'll do our best. But for now, we need to get the ball rolling in the big city, see if we can't generate a little buzz.


p.s. A few deejay friends of ours have taken on our pals Ole and Lars Jeppeson's remix of "Everything I Wanted" as a sort of cause. There's a big dance festival in Miami (when I wrote "It's another gorgeous day in Miami" it was so random!) and we're going to try and give it a little life down there. Jbro on the dance floor. Who knew?