June 2013

I am so very lucky to have Bob Ludwig at GATEWAY MASTERING on my team. He's mastered almost every record I've made, and each time I find myself stunned, (in the best way) by the difference between before and after.

Every element soars. You start hearing stuff you didn't even KNOW was there! I mean look at these crazy SPEAKERS.

(Sometimes that's a problem - my particular way of singing is really noisy!)

But it's always an incredilbe day. Bob and I pore over the stories that provoke the songs, the lyrics. He's always in my court, so supportive of my work. And it sounds spectacular.

THANK YOU for another incredible day BOB!!




I was a dancer first and foremost from the time I was 6. So, although my music was becoming more and more consuming by the early nineties... it was a difficult decision when I got a record deal and I had to quit three dance companies at once and basically get on the bus. So, alas, (cold turkey,) the only dancing I did in those days was a nifty maneuver with my leg in the middle of a song called "Fatso." 

(what an annoying DORK)

Somehow, someone caught this picture at the height of my extension.  

My Uncle Jay still talks about it. "Hey, can you still do that thing with your leg now that you have a new hip?"

Throwback Thursday.  "Nope, and even if I could....NOPE!"