October 2013
Apple Pledge Fun

The Pledge conversation we had last night at the SOHO Apple store was truly important. I mean, to meet the crazy guy Benji Rogers, that came up with the idea that is helping restore the sense of value to music? Pretty cool.

His graphics made it simple, I have tried to reproduce them here!! (forgive my horrible drawing!!)


On the blue Pledge example, the fan enthusiasm surges up immediately with the launch of the project, it reaches the initial goal, then steadily climbs over and beyond as the project grows, expands perhaps, gets more exciting. Fans are part of the whole thing. In Benji's picture It was a very pretty blue hump-backed whale.

The old school model, (label, artist, "go make a record" somewhere)....where the fans aren't necessarily involved or harnessed until the release, was a skinny flat red line until release, then a surge for sure, but all the richness of the journey was missing.

And, according to Benji - and now me - The journey is the point. Since music is for all intents and purposes free, how do we put the magic back into the experience? We share it all.

We talked about my misgivings going into the campaign. Did I have the right $$ number for our goal? What if things Did evolve and change? Would there be a backlash? How would I keep up with providing fresh content and news. I was SCARED. How would I do it? Fulfill all the promises, and still make the best possible art.

Well, as we discussed last night, I have been changed by the whole kit and kaboodle.

I have been overwhelmed by the palpable spirit of my long time listeners. I have heard the most lovely things from you about this project, and I've heard about YOUR lives as well.

And now, I know you too. I never could have guessed we would sit at the table together in this way.

Your generosity has brought me to my knees.

So the conversation continues. The goals keep expanding. "My Mother Has Four Noses" is coming to 42nd street now in NYC. 

More info soon about how and when tickets will go on sale.

oh My My My. Goodness.



Woody Guthrie Medallion Ceremony

Yesterday, we honored Woody Guthrie, and one of the places he lived in New York City.. I was thrilled to be invited by Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel, -


Chair of the Historic Landmarks Preservation Center. (WOW! Look her up, she's had an incredible history!!)

There were some Guthrie's there. Some Guthrie lovers, some passersby, and the unmistakable sounds, and smells of New York City, as we unveiled the new medallion commemorating his time at 74 Charles street.

His daughter Nora was there to confirm that this was a romantic time for him... she hinted at the fact that although, of course there was a whole lotta singin'going on, there was also a whole lotta lovin' going on in that fifth floor walk-up.

Woody lived there from 1942 to 1943. The rent was 27 dollars, and he was just falling in love with one of the original Martha Graham Dancers - Marjorie Mazia - Nora's mom.

One of the stories Nora told me when I first visited the archives was about her parents' courtship. She told me the real clincher was the first night they truly spent "together." He was smart enough to just hold her hand, to listen, to bring her some of his "scattered pages" and "whisper."

I think of this every time I sing "Sweetest Angel." It's a hybrid of three separate pieces I found scattered through the folders of his stuff. But I like to think that it was there, at 74 Charles Street, that he conjured the poetry for what would become this lullaby.

It certainly got Marjorie's attention. And now it is his great grand-daughter Kaylee's nighty night song.

What an honor to be the vehicle for his magic.

WOODY GUTHRIE Medallion Ceremony



Next Wednesday, I've been invited to be part of a Medallion dedication ceremony for 74 Charles St., New York City!

The Historic Landmarks Preservation Center has decided to honor this spot and our pal and Icon Woody Guthrie, who lived there back in the 40's. So we'll talk a little, sing a little and christen the place anew.


I've excerpted some of the history of Woody's time there below!


Woody lived at 74 Charles Street from December 1942 – May 1943. This medallion will mark one of the last remaining buildings in NYC where Woody resided.

It was a happy time... Woody and Marjorie called this fourth floor, $27-a-month, walk-up apartment: “El Rancho Del Sol,” living happily here with their newborn daughter Cathy Ann.

Although Woody was casting about creatively through this time, he and his colleagues spent many hours together in this 4th floor walk-up “…drinking rye whiskey, cooking beans and ham hocks, neck bones and potatoes, and jamming through long, cold nights.”

If only those walls could speak! 

Here is the line-up for Wednesday’s program…

3:00p (20-30 minutes)

- Barbaralee speaks

- Nora speaks

- Mike + Ruthy sing

- Jonatha sings

- Medallion is unveiled

Hope to see you there!