July 2020
Music in the HOUSE!

Hello everyone. I hope you are surviving this marathon. A few tidbits of news from here at Bad Dog Records. 

*The Sweetwater Sessions is having a lovely rollout thanks to you. We may have to manufacture another round. And remember you can stream the record anywhere you get your music. 

*I am finally rolling out the new charts, videos, and tutorial for 9 JB songs.

I have chosen some of your all-time favorites to begin. If all goes well, Dave Blackburn (TAB creator) and I will add slowly as we go!


Each song is listed separately in the Jonatha Brooke Store: 

When you purchase, you receive access to that song’s folder which includes Tablature or sheet music, depending on whether it’s a piano or guitar song, plus a regular lead sheet for playing with others. 

Then, we’ve included close-up video of me showing you my chord figures, explaining how to play them, then playing through the entire song for you. 

(All except “In the Gloaming” which has a fancy, midi, invisible player. THANK YOU, John Eidsvoog!)

We have also included an extensive tutorial from Dave about how his notation is laid out, and how to read it. I’m hoping you will dig these little road maps. 

Your support will also allow us to create more! 

*There are a couple of spots left in my new round of ZOOM classes.

The guitar tuning workshop is sold out, but there is a waiting list, and if you twist my arm, I could be convinced to add a second one. It was mind blowing the first time around, as ZOOM is the perfect way to show, play, jam during a pandemic! 

Let us know: pra@prarecords.com

*Next Monday’s Kitchen Covid Concert #17 will be the songs and stories behind “My Mother Has 4 Noses.” Still near and dear, these songs resonate more and more deeply given the times we are living through.

*It looks like we are in survival mode for the long haul at this point. I thank you all for your words of encouragement, your weekly tip jar/ticket support, your thousands of kindnesses, your enthusiasm for the new record.

I am hoping to hunker down and write some new JB songs – it feels so urgent right about now - “Keep the Channel open,” as I tell all my students. “Keep the Channel open” I am reminding myself daily: 

“There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time. This expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost. The world will not have it.”  (Martha Graham)

Onward, and please, please, please stay safe. Be kind. Wear a mask. We are going to need one another more than ever to get through this.